The early roots of the Kettlebells lifting are believed by some to originate from Ancient Rome & Greece where they were used in training regimes of athletes and gladiators.  Others believe they originated in Russia where they were used in markets for weighing out grain.  A competition would take place to see which man could lift the most weight.
Whatever their origin, Kettlebells are an extremely effective tool in fitness training.  A regular Kettlebells workout will provide hard cardiovascular and strength training in one go.  Muscles that are weakened by a sedentary lifestyle are strengthened due to core being engaged and the movements mimic that of an active lifestyle.  Kettlebells training improves stamina and works the body as a complete unit; leading to higher calorie burn and increased fat loss (healthy nutrition plan needs to be followed).

I can take you through a complete Kettlebell programme to suit your training goal; at home, outside or in a private gym.  On a one-to-one PT basis or in a group of 3-4 people.  Contact me for more information.