I am dedicated to providing first class fitness packages,  whether it be group training or one on one, all with a holistic and effective approach to fitness and wellbeing.  I will work hard to ensure that you have the best opportunity to reach your goals, whether it be to lose weight and or improve your fitness, get leaner and stronger, or to improve your general sense of well-being!

PT sessions – one on one/group:  dedicated one to one sessions where we will focus on one thing your results!  I will conduct an initial physical analysis to create a programme specifically for you, taking into account current eating habits, current fitness and past/present injuries.  Be pushed, be motivated and above all let’s have fun!

Insanity Classes.  I am an Insanity Pro instructor.  Insanity is  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) using only your body weight to work the whole body and create long lean muscles. It is a great fun class performed to music.

Kettle bell Programmes.  I am fully trained to coach Kettlebells either individually or to a group.

Outdoor ‘Love Fit’ Circuit Group Classes – prefer to work in a group then this is for you!  Re-launching this March!! Gain an all over body work out and enjoy!

Nutrition Advice & Programming – specific programmes written to help achieve your goals, whether it be to lose weight, build muscle or just benefit your fitness and well being.
Posture analysis – avoid injury and work on helping or maintaining past injuries.
Static Fitness Assessments e.g. Body fat %.  By assessing where you are now, we can set goals of where you want to be and I can plan specifically to give you the best opportunity of achieving those goals.

Goal setting – short, medium and long term!

“I will find a way and a way will always find me”, – Charles F. Glassman
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