Get set for the weekend!! Early Bootcamp…this Friday 6/10 at 6.30 am!! 1 hour of lovefit fun!! BOOKING ESSENTIAL

‘Battle Ropers’ are you ready!!

Very excited for my lovefit bootcamps.

Friday 6-7 am in Lady Neville Park Banstead.

Feel like you have over indulged this summer…too many cocktails and ice creams on the beach & sausages on the bbq!  Want to get ready for the festive season?

Then come along next week to have fun & get fit!

newlove  fitness…love the new you

STOP PRESS! 2 Lovefitters have finished their Love life lean course and in 6 weeks have achieved just this!! They have surpassed their goals and are feeling & looking fabulous inside & out! Through healthy, clean eating monitored by myself and regular exercise coached by newlove fitness, they have lost weight…1 x 1 stone and 1 x 12 pounds.. They have lost 6 inches & 7 inches. And most importantly they have brought their bodies into healthy ranges where they have lowered their risk of developing heart disease or diabetes and their BMIs are now well within the healthy normal range. All this has been achieved without going hungry… No silly fad diet involved. Just re-education about what a well-balanced diet is!! And plenty of desire to make a change in their lives. I am so so proud of these 2 because they totally embraced the course and have reaped the results because of it.! Imagine wearing a bikini for the first time in 17 years and having the confidence to do so knowing that you have a flat tummy which you never thought possible again …

Next course is starting in October.

If you are interested in finding out how you can do the same.. PM for details.